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WARMroof Solid Roof Conservatory

Solid Roof Conservatory

A Solid roof conservatory is the future. It gets old saying it now, but you are fed up with a freezing cold conservatory in winter right? Even with the heating on full whack that twinwall polycarb roof that was all the rage 20 years ago just lets any heat you have disappear up into the sky. Its also noisy, gets dirty quick and costs a fortune to try and keep the room warm as I mentioned before.

warmroof solid roof conservatory

On the flip side, surely it will be good in the summer, it’ll let all the light in and soak up the sun, perfect eh? Truth is even with the slightest bit of sunlight the room will be unbearably hot, all the windows will be wide open, doors will be propped open and the room will still be a sauna, Not exactly a recipe for a relaxing Sunday afternoon watch the other half cut the grass!


Many manufacturers have taken the challenge and are creating replacement roofs aimed at counteracting both ends of the scale and allowing you to enjoy your conservatory all year round, which was the idea of the room in the first place!

solid roof replacement

At Kents we are currently offering two difference takes on the solution. You may have already read up about the Sentinal Warm Roof Conversion that we have fitted at two of our branches. Here we are about to go into detail on the WARMroof Solid Roof Conservatory replacement, designed for new and existing conservatories.

Solid Roof Features

  • Perfect for solid roof conversion on existing conservatories
  • Only system available on the market with insulated eaves to prevent condensation
  • Roof lights are pre installed – speeding up installation
  • Clever hip design allows different roof pitches and angles
  • Structurally strong enough to use with lightweight or traditional clay tiles
  • Premade insulated panels simply slot into place – not cutting on site
  • Top layer of insulation sits above the aluminium structure creating a true ‘warn roof’ situation
  • When using envirotiles no batten is required – quicker installation
  • 0.18Wm² U value – Substantially better than polycarb or glass.

Whats it made from?

WARMroof Solid Room cut through

The WARMroof system is primarily a steel and aluminium design. It does also incorporate a timber deck on top and battens inside the structure. 2 layers of insulation help to lower the U value to an amazing 0.18Wm². This roof will majorly improve the heat retention inside during the cold months and will reflect surplus heat in the summer. It should be noted that it is a good idea to make sure that the windows and doors that you are fitting this down onto are in good quality and able to take the weight. Some timber windows aren’t designed for this and/or may be rotten and weakened.

Choice of tiles

WARMroof solid roof conservatory

Similar to the Sentinal roof system there is a choice of tiles to finish the look. Above shows the popular Envirotile choice. a lightweight PVC tile that provides quick and straight forward cutting and fitting. It interlocks to the surrounding tiles and makes for an extremely strong fixed tile. More on the Envirotile can be found on our info page here.

Tapco slates are a lightweight PVC slate. From a distance you will be hard pushed to tell them apart from real slate. Lightweight and easy to cut and fit these make for an attractive finish to any solid roof conservatory. Both tile choices will dull the noise of rain, stay cleaner looking for longer and create an eye catching looking roof.

Tapco choice for solid roof conversion

Wont it be darker inside?

If you are worried that you are going to lose your bright and airy conservatory with a Solid Roof Conservatory replacement, don’t be. Whilst you will obviously be covering over the transparent roof you will be surprised how much light a white vaulted ceiling will radiate the light around. On certain roof designs rooflights can be pre installed which do a good job of allowing ventilation and will provide you with a view of the beautiful sky.


Still need more light?

Our WARMroof system is so advanced that it can seamlessly incorporate 44mm triple glazed full length panels to create a ‘hybrid’ roof which is extremely high performance but also gives an incredible mix of a real extension with the airiness and light of a conservatory. These are proving to be a popular choice for the home owner.

hybrid solid roof hybrid warm roof conversionwarmroof-solid-roof-conservatory warmroof-solid-roof-conservatory

Isn’t glass going to be cold though?

Well, typically older glass roofs can be pretty poor, almost as bad as a polycarbonate roof. Glass roofs have substantially improved over the years, but are still an issue. Glass lengths, roof bar limitations and other things have all contributed to low performance. But now, this WARMroof system can support 44mm triple glazing which achieves a 0.6Wm² U value. Together with the Solid Roof Conversion this will combine to create a real talking point. A warm, but light and modern addition to your existing house.


If you need more information on our offerings you can download a WARMroof brochure here.

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