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Underground Pipe Bends 110mm

Underground pipe bends

We supply a large range of different underground pipe bends to suit all eventualities, we can also supply an adjustable bend which can be used at angle angle between 0° and 90° saving you a lot of effort aligning pipework that isn’t quite fitting correctly.

There are single and double socket bends in the range, allowing for a wide range of applications.

It should be noted that if the direction of the main flow needs to be changed at around the same point as a inspection chamber, the bend must be connected at the site of entry in the chamber, If a change of main flow direction is carried out within the chamber, self cleansing of the chamber cannot be guaranteed.

Pipe bends can be used in either the horizontal or vertical positions depending on application.

Its a good idea to use suitable lubrication on the rubber seals before you push together to allow for easier installation and allow everything to push together without catching.