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Underground Drainage



What are the benefits of drainage underground?

When it comes to drainage at your home or workplace, there are lots of options available. Underground drainage, however, is one of the most appealing.

Made from materials which are reliable and unlikely to break easily, these aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting systems represent excellent value for money.

In this post, we’ll look at why it makes sense to invest in a strong underground drainage system for your property.


What drainage materials are used?

Many underground drainage options are made from a material called PVC-U, which is similar to the common material PVC – but, unlike standard PVC, it is un-plasticised.

One advantage of PVC-U for underground drainage is that your system is simultaneously both quite light but also sturdy and durable. What’s more, the material does not naturally decompose, and no matter what you throw at it, it is usually able to withstand most pressures.

Liquids with relatively high temperatures or thick waste discharge, for example, can both be dealt with by this material – ideal when you need to drain away waste from places like the kitchen!


What does the underground drainage look like?

While drains are not known for their beauty, we know that for many customers it’s important to keep the exterior of a home looking neat and consistent no matter how large or small the fitting is. That’s why our underground drainage systems have been designed with aesthetics in mind.

What’s more, they’re not too large. Our underground drainage systems have been designed to adhere to high industry standards while also retaining a compact appearance.

They also come with lots of fittings, which mean you’ll be able to choose one that you like the look of.


Will it work with my other fittings?

If you already have other drainage items in place in your building, it’s likely that they won’t need to be removed when you install an underground drainage system. Instead, your pre-existing items will usually integrate very well with the new system, meaning you won’t have to spend cash on removing old drains.

Often, it doesn’t matter whether or not the products you already have in place are located below ground (like your underground drainage system will be) or above the ground, either.

Underground drainage systems are well put together and have often been designed in an intuitive way, so most customers experience quite a seamless fit. That stands in sharp contrast to a number of other drainage systems where pipe work is often given inappropriate dimensions and width, or the gradient of the pipe does not fit the rest of the system.

Our underground drainage systems have a push-fit design, which means that the relevant parts couple together easily while still also retaining their ability to grip each other and remain affixed in their positions.

That makes our underground drainage systems simple to install, so you won’t have to undergo too much disruption while the drains are being set up. It also means they last longer, too, because even though they slot into place easily, the joint is strong.

Find out more about how underground drainage could improve your property by speaking to the team at Kents Direct.