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Underground Drainage Traps

110mm Underground Drainage Traps and Bottle Gullies

The connection between above ground and below ground needs to be taken seriously to enable waste and rainwater is carried away efficiently. There are a number of different Drainage Traps and Gullies available in different shapes to match difference styles.

underground access point 110mm underground drainage exploded diagram

Rainwater downpipes can be connected straight into an underground pipe with the use of a rubber adaptor or can finish directly above a Bottle Gully with a grate above it to stop debris from falling down into the drainpipe.  A Bottle Gully can be supplied with either a round, rectangular or square hopper/grate onto to match in with existing drainage.

Drainage Traps and Gullies also play the important role of keeping the sewer odour to a minimum. Much like the trap on the underneath of your bathroom sink, there will be an amount of water that will stay in the bottom of the trap, which will stop the sewer smell from being able to rise up out of the pipe and potentially into the house.

underground drainage traps and bottle gullies

A back Inlet Bottle Gully is a useful fitting for allowing outside and inside waste to exit via the same pipework. If you don’t need to use the rear entry point on the bottle gully you can simply leave the socket plug in place.

To aid installation a hopper raiser (D505) can be used to bring the finished level of the grate up to match the ground level, up to a maximum of one riser may be used, which will allow a raise of 200mm. Each bottle gully has adjust-ability of 32mm without the additional riser.


Bottle Gullies and Traps need to be seated onto a suitable concrete slab.