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Underground Drainage Pipes 110mm

FloPlast 110mm Underground Drainage Pipes

110mm underground drainage pipes are supplied in 6m or 3m lengths to minimise the number of joins and time taken to install these are tough pipes able to withstand the waste put through them and the changes in temperature they are subjected to. They are able to be used up to 10m in depth and are manufactured from PVC-U.

There are essentially two types of pipe available, plain end and socketed end. Depending on the layout of the drainage system you are installing you may need to use both types. The plain end will fit into any of the sockets on any of the fittings and vise versa.

110mm underground drainage pipes in trench

These pipes must be led on a suitable flat bed and covered to the crown of the pipe with pea shingle or similar.

Where pipes have to be cut down in length it is important to chamfer the edge at roughly 45° to allow for straight forward installation. Its also best practice to make sure the pipe is completely clean and free from grit which will ruin the rubber seal on insertion.