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The True Cost of Cheap Doors | Kents Direct | UK

Buying a cheap outside door can be appealing to the pocket, but what is the true cost?

Cheap, poorly made uPVC doors can stress the hinges. The weight of the door will force it into misalignment at which point it will be difficult not only to open and close but to lock and unlock. Continued use of the door may damage the lock, which will then need to be replaced.

uPVC doors have an advantage over wooden doors in that they are resistant to swelling. uPVC doesn’t absorb moisture in humid or wet conditions. A swollen door will stick. It will be increasingly hard to open and close and eventually you will damage the door frame and not be able to close it again. With a wooden door, the open edge of the door will usually need to be sanded or planed to allow it to close.


A door’s smooth operation will be impacted by hinges that weather and collect grime and dirt. They become stiff and noisy. There’s the maintenance aspect to consider too. Hinges need oiling and eventually they may need to be replaced. A less-used exterior door on a shed or garage, for instance, will succumb to rust quicker until it’s impossible to gain entry. This could result in having to remove the door from its hinges or in extreme cases, the door to be cut out completely with power tools and the door replaced. With a uPVC door, you won’t have to worry about hinges rusting.

On a cheap door, the handles and locks are prone to failure. They are the most stressed points of a well-used door. Handles can fall off or no longer engage with the spindle inside. They will wear out over time and need either repairing or replacing – not something everybody feels adept at doing. On wooden doors the mounting screws may become worn where they make contact with the door allowing the handle to work itself loose or completely pull away from the face of the door.


An advantage about a well-made exterior uPVC door compared to a wooden door, is that they incorporate weather stripping around the inner frame. This reduces draught and prevents heat loss, helping to keep down energy bills. A cheap or wooden door’s strip will begin to come away and/or deteriorate. On uPVC doors, the weather stripping compresses when the locking points are engaged, which creates a water tight seal.

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