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Storm Damage?

How has your house stood up to Storm Gertrude? Suffered any storm damage?



Rain and winds of this ferocity will show up all the faults in any rainwater system. Joints can stop sealing, gutters can over flow and poor fitting fascias can literally blow away!

You may be looking out the window now, watching Storm Henry do its thing, thinking that you don’t really want to be on top a ladder in this weather, but failing to correctly expel all rainwater to drains and soak-aways can lead to major structural issues. The last thing you want right now is excess rainwater finding its way behind dodgy house render and blowing it off when we get the next cold snap.

You should book in a professional to come and replace all faulty parts as quick as possible. Or if you are handy with a ladder and hammer, order up the replacement bits online then wait for the weather to pass and use the weekend to keep everything watertight and looking shipshape.

Here at Kents we can get new Rainwater goods and Fasica’s out to you in double quick time, order online, pay by Card or PayPal. Its easy.


Whilst you are at it, why not ‘upgrade’ to our newly released Anthracite Grey Guttering and Fascia?