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Showerwall Bathroom Wall Panels

Showerwall Bathroom Wall Panels from Kents Direct

Bathroom wall panels have come a long way in recent years and now provide a real alternative to tiling. Even a large shower enclosure can be completely covered with just 2 panels, simply stuck to the wall. Tiling the same area could mean 10’s of not 100’s of tiles need to be positioned perfectly, cut to size, left to dry and finally grouted when fully dry. Showerwall panels can be completely finished in one day, with no messy tile cutting involved.

Showerwall bathroom panels are a fantastic range with over 60 different colours and textures to choose from, each of them available in Straight Edge and Proclick (tongue & groove) combinations, allowing almost seamless joins, with a high level of water tightness. When installed correctly these panels should be almost 100% maintenance free.


Showerwall bathroom wall panels are spread across 5 collections, which total over 60 individual colours.


What are they made of?

The Marble, Quarry and Mineral collections are all made from a moisture resistant MDF core with a HPL (high pressure laminate) on the faces, which creates a 10.5 mm thick panel.

The HPL panels are made in two edge types, Square edge and Proclick and are available in 3 different widths. 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm depending on edge type.

All colours from the Acrylic and Customs collection are made from a 4mm thick acrylic sheet that is printed on the back to create a luscious gloss like finish on the front face. This material is 100% waterproof and therefore doesn’t require the use of the trims, simply join together with sealant. These boards are available in Square edge only. The width of the acrylic panels are 900mm and 1200mm.

What is Square Edge and Proclick?

As mentioned above, the 10.5mm HPL Showerwall panels come in two different types. Square edge is exactly as it sounds, the edges of the board are manufactured completely square, ideal for sliding into corner and joint trims. On some installations you may not want to have a joint trim visible, for example if you have 2 or more boards along a longer wall. For these installations you will want to use the Proclick edged boards. These are effectively well designed tongue & groove boards which offer a near seamless join and still maintain the water tight seal needed.



For the 10.5mm thick panels there are a range of trims available for all occasions. Available in 5 colours so you can match these to other furniture in the bathroom and also compliment the colour of Showerwall you choose.

All the above trims are manufactured from aluminium, and are lightweight and easy to cut. All joints and trims should be filled with suitable sealant to ensure a 100% water tight seal. Sold in 2450mm lengths these trims are long enough so you wont require to butt join them anywhere.

Along the bottom of the panels where them may seal onto a shower tray or bath, there is a specific trim which is designed to give a visually attractive and complete waterproof solution. The Sure Seal trims give 4 points of sealant so you can rest assured that it will not leak and do damage to nearby materials.

How is Showerwall installed?

For full installation instructions visit this page here, but the following video give a great visual guide on how Showerwall and its trims are fitted.

What can I stick them to?

This is the beauty of many bathroom shower panels, they can effectively cover over any surface, be it plaster, brickwork or even old tiles. For plaster and plasterboard/aquaboard the installation is simple, Adhesive is gunned onto the wall and the panels are pushed into place.

For brickwork you have a choice, depending on the condition of the bricks. you can either stick directly to them, or you can batten out the wall first and stick them to the battens. This means you can take out any irregularities in the flatness of the wall with the batten before hand.

Finally, if your existing tiles are firmly attached to the wall, and deemed flat enough to install sheets over the top of, simply clean and dry the tiles and apply adhesive as instructed. If any tiles sit proud or will prevent the Showerwall from sitting flat and close to the wall, remove the offending tile before hand.

Tiles last for ages, how long will Showerwall panels last?

You are right, as tiles are often real stone or ceramic, they are normally very hardy and long lasting. The same cant be said of the grout and silicone.

Showerwall 10.5mm sheets have a 15 year guarantee. The 4mm Acrylic and Custom range carry a 10 year guarantee. It should be noted that Guarantees will be shortened to 5 years should the install not be registered within 28 days of the install.

How are Showerwall panels cleaned?

Easy, simply wipe down with standard non abrasive bathroom cleaners. Do not use scourers or bleach as this may mark and discolour the sheets. Keeping them is clean is easy, as there are no grout lines to maintain they largely straight forward and quick.

OK, i’m convinced, where can I buy it from?

Any one of our branches can order these in for you, or alternatively you can browse the whole range online and add to you basket. Choose from ‘Click and Collect’ or have it delivered direct to you in a few days. The full Showerwall wall panel range is detailed here