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Revised PVC Cladding range

Freefoam have launched a new range of Exterior PVC cladding.


Fortex Clic has arrived. Whats the benefit over the standard Fortex cladding? No butt joints!


The end of each board has a tongue and groove which click together and seal against the elements. Apart from that it is fixed by the same methods as any other PVC cladding. Also these boards come as a 3.2 metre length, in a pack of 6. This means the boards are less flexible, lighter and easier to fit. In stock now and ready for dispatch!

Also, as well as the introduction of a new cladding, we are pleased to announce that the rest of the Cladding range is being updated too. We now offer the full range of Fortex cladding and the very popular Anthracite Grey shiplap cladding. The must have colour of the year.

Anthracite Grey shiplap cladding 2

Want to change the look of your house or even build a new shed? Make a custom one and cover it in PVC cladding and it will outlast any Timber shed!