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Redecorate on a budget!

How to Redecorate your Home on a Budget

If you feel that your home needs a makeover but you do not have the cash to splash, there are lots of things that you can do to spruce up your home with a small budget.

The old “lick of paint” trick is one the many simple ways to freshen up your home. Other ideas include:


Bargain Hunting

Being thrifty is very on-trend at the moment with more and more people heading to second-hand shops and vintage warehouses to pick up furniture and home ware bargains.

You can also find cheap or free items on auction sites or recycling websites such as Ebay and Freecycle.


The Small Things

Sometimes the smallest of changes can go a long way into making your home look differently. A few new cushions for instance or even a new light fitting can make a room look different.

Another example of this is to change door accessories.

You may not be able to afford new internal doors, but if the handles and hinges are looking a little tired, they are usually cheap enough to upgrade and make the whole door and room look better.


Do It Yourself

If you have been putting off decorating as you do not have enough money to pay for a decorator or workman, why not have a go yourself?

There are lots of online tutorials to help you learn how to do everything from wallpapering to installing new shower panels.

If you think you may need help ask a friend or family member over and offer to help them out with your skills in return.

Kents have a wide range of home improvement and building supplies on offer at a price that will not scare your bank account.

So why not browse our website and give your home the just moved in look?

Kents Redecorate on a budget


Feature Walls

If you cannot afford to decorate your whole sitting room, a feature wall can go a long way into making the room look a lot more stylish.

Bold wallpaper patterns or a bright coloured paint will add impact to the room and instantly woo guests when they come to visit.



Upcycling and recycling are very popular at the moment so don’t be tempted to throw all of your furniture away.

Check out sites such as Pinterest for inspiring ideas on how to turn a broken chair into a shabby chic stunner, or the pallet that is in the shed into a trendy coffee table.

New furniture does not always have to be expensive, you just need to bring out the frugal side of yourself!


Focus on One Room

If you are really strapped for cash but feel the urge to decorate, you should focus on decorating one room at a time.

If you spend most of your time in the kitchen then decorate that first. Or if you are worried about people seeing your tired looking bathroom, then spend your money there to give you peace of mind.bathroom-refit-2