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PVC Window Boards

Which PVC window board should I pick?

Years ago there was really only two choices for your internal window boards, you would either have a wooden bullnose board, or you would tile them. Things are different now and you are truly spoilt. We offer a wide range and should have a PVC Window Board to suit any room and budget.

Foam filled PVC Window Board

10mm Boards – 18mm Boards

At the lowest cost end of the market, there are boards that are effectively PVC fascia boards. These very lightweight window boards and are very easy to cut and shape. There are options for thinner 10mm boards for over boarding and 16/18mm boards for replacement or new builds.

bullnose pvc window board white pvc window board bullnose

End caps are simply stuck in place to cover the open end of the boards. These are economical boards which can be supplied in either 2.5m or 5m lengths. They range anywhere in width from 150mm to 375 for the cover board and 150mm to 250mm for the thicker board. These boards provide a instant white gloss finish, difficult to achieve on a timber board, which is easy to keep clean.


Laminated Window Board

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These boards are very similar to a kitchen worktop, and as such are a super touch make up, consisting of a tough skin which is applied to a chipboard core. The result is a scratch and UV resistant textures finish on a familiar wood based product. Easy to cut with standard DIY tools Again end caps are available to cover the centre of the board. We can also supply joining and mitre strips so that you can make a professional looking finish easily.

formica white window boardlaminated-window-board-2

You don’t have to stick with White for these boards. Rosewood and Golden Oak are also available and they are a good likeness to their solid wood cousins. These boards come in sizes from 150mm up to a massive 900mm, meaning that for even the widest reveals on a window, we should have a board that will fit. Length wise we supply 2.5m and 5m. For the bigger boards, 300mm upwards, we only supply in a 2.5m length, again this is down to delivery logistics and handling.


PVC Window Board – Bullnose

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We have 2 styles of similar window boards available, both of which are of a hollow rigid PVC makeup. Don’t let the fact that these are hollow boards fool you, these are strong boards. They have a similar tough shell finish to them similar to the above laminated window board, or a kitchen worktop. The hollow nature of them brings the weight down on them, meaning they are easier to manoeuvre and fit than the wooden alternative above. The finish on the boards again is resistant to stains, scratches and UV, meaning these boards will be a long lasting choice. End caps, mitre strips and joining covers are available to make the finishing touch.

hollow pvc window board (1)
hollow pvc window board (2)

The available size range for these window boards varies from 200mm to 250mm, and have a choice of 2.5m or 5m lengths.


PVC Window Board – L profile

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Much the same as the board above, a tough long lasting completely PVC board with a grained finish on top. Two main differences between the board are the profile and the length of boards. This board is 40mm in height and will lip over the wall due to the L shaped profile.

pvc window board hollow l section

This style can be used as either a replacement, or a cover over board for existing thin window boards.

For rooms that are longer, this is a good choice as it is available as a 3m or 6m length. Widths range from 200mm to 400mm