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PVC Shiplap Cladding 150mm Woodgrains

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Product Information

PVC Shiplap Cladding 150mm

Our PVC Shiplap Cladding is a easy to fit, low maintenance solution to clad your house or outbuilding with. Its lightweight, easy to cut and shape and has a simple installation procedure.

Its a sensible alternative to the traditional wood shiplap cladding of old.

Available in a range of colours to suit any house.








Black Ash


Anthracite Grey

The White boards are 6 metres in length, whilst the rest of the colours come in 5 metre lengths.

When fitted together the boards cover 150mm in height.

Place the first board into the starter trim and fix with cladding pins along the top and cover over with the next board up. A completely hidden but secure fixing method.

Traditionally used horizontally but can be fitted vertically and even diagonally with enough planning.

A wide range of trims is available to finish any job.

Want to get a better idea of what your house may look like with different coloured Shiplap cladding? Use Freefoams cladding visualiser software to pick your favourite colour.

Freefoam also have a cladding calculator to make the job of working out how much cladding you need easier.


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