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PVC Cladding Starter Trim x 3m

£5.70 Incl. VAT

Product Information

PVC Cladding Starter Trim 3m Long

This PVC Cladding starter trim is used universally across the range on our PVC cladding

It fits the following PVC Cladding styles from us

3 metre in length and only supplied in white as it is fully hidden behind the cladding.

This is the basic starter trim. We can also offer a Vented Starter trim and also a Vented Starter and Closer Trim.

This PVC Cladding Starter trim gets attached to battens at the bottom of the start of cladding and sits behind the cladding. It has a vertical slot which the PVC cladding slots down into. The top of the first row of PVC cladding gets nailed or screwed into place and the piece now is affixed firmly.

Fortex clic starter trim