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Over Fascia Vent 1000mm

£1.32 Incl. VAT

Product Information

To comply with building regulations all newly built properties must have continuous ventilation at eaves level to avoid damp and condensation within the roof void. Inadequate ventilation to the loft will cause structural damage to the roof timbers.

Good loft ventilation is essential to remove moist air from the loft space, and ensures continuous airflow throughout the roofing system, thereby allowing the roof to ‘breathe’.

These vents have a unique low profile design, for minimum disruption to the eaves detail, and allows a 10mm air gap. They are extremely strong to resist the weight of tiles and foot traffic. They are lightweight and resistant to both corrosion and rotting, and have a radiused leading edge to protoct the felt.

Suitable for buildings with or without soffit overhang in new, refurbishments and buildings with corbelled eaves situations.

Fitted on the top edge of the fascia board, this gives a clean and unbroken 10mm or 25mm continuous air gap along the eaves. Each piece of vent clips into the next and the last one is simply cut to the required length and screwed down through the pre made fixing points.

 The use of Over-Fascia vents allow for the use of shallower fascia boards.