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PVC Cladding Multi Function Trim 3m

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Product Information

PVC Cladding Multi Function Trim – 3m

The PVC Cladding Multi Function trim is a new trim that has been redesigned to fit most of Freefoams PVC Cladding Range.

It fits the following PVC Cladding styles from us

Colours for the Fortex Clic range are available individually

Other colours for other cladding systems may be in pack quantites.

These multi function cladding trims can be used for a wide array of uses.

fortex diagram


As above, they can be used as an edge trim to finish an area of cladding, or can be used in pairs to create an internal or external corner due to their clever design.

This design allows for the same trim to do a multitude of jobs, possibly helping to reduce wastage and over ordering if other trims are only available as pack quantities.