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Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags

£37.75 Incl. VAT

Product Information

Stack and stagger multiple Sandless Sandbags to build a retaining wall to protect from flood water.

Contains a super absorbant that swells and gels with water to create a barrier to contain or divert water.

Stack Quick Dams to increase barrier height, build a effective retaining wall in just 15 minutes.

• Lightweight – 1lb each

• No sand or labour needed

• Ready to use

• No mess

• Carry several at a time

• Easy to dispose when no longer needed.

• Reuseable

Each pack contains 6 individual bags.

Each bag measures 30cm wide x 60cm length and approx 15cm in height.

This means 12 bags (2 packs)  will create a wall roughly  2.4m long and 15cm tall.

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For more questions you may have on these sandless bags take a look here 

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