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Envirotile Lightweight Roofing Tile Double Anthracite Grey Pk10

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Product Information

Envirotile Lightweight Roofing Tiles – Double

Envirotile lightweight Roofing Tiles – Double

Anthracite Grey in colour

This tile is exactly like the single width tile, but double width. Installation is exactly the same and the look of the final finish is exactly the same, but the process of installation is 50% faster!!

Pack of 10 – Other quantities available

Constructed from materials destined for the landfill these tiles have excellent green credentials which stay with them through their life as they are fully recyclable should you need to change them.

Precision made these tiles interlock and are fixed in multiple locations to create an extremely safe and windproof roof.

Weighing just 1.02kg per tile they are upto 80% lighter than a traditional roof tile.

Each tile measures 365mm in length, 630mm in width and when interlocked sideways cover 600mm. They are 11mm in thickness.

Suitable for pitches from 90degrees all the way down to 12.5degress. Different pitches will have different overlaps on the head of the tile, These are marked out on the tiles to allow speedy installation.
double width envirotile

How many tiles per m2?

Based on a single width tile

85mm headlap – 11.9 tiles/m2

100mm headlap – 12.58 tiles/m2

115mm headlap – 13.33 tiles/m2


Fit them as you would a standard tile, using battens suitable spaced for the pitch, and fix with either 30mm stainless steel nails or screws.


Guaranteed for 25 years.


Suitable for for all types of projects, from new builds to garden projects, and with them being sold in packs of 10 you will only need to order exactly what you need.

envirotile car port

envirotile aldi


A full range of finishing trims are available in matching colours to complete any job.



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