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Double Glazed Mardome Rooflight With Kerb

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Product Information

Double Glazed Mardome Rooflight

With Kerb

Manual Opening or Fixed

  • Clear Polycarbonate glazing
  • Double glazed
  • Supplied with 216mm insulating PVC kerb
  • Fixed and manual opening styles

The mardome rooflight size (i.e. 600×600) is the final roof opening size. The PVC kerb will in fact be slightly bigger and will cover the top of the opening.

double glazed pvc kerb rooflight

These Mardome Rooflights carry a 20 year Guarantee and are engineered to a high standard. For added security these rooflights combine security fixings to stop unwanted visiters from gaining access. With tamper proof caps on the fixings you can rest easy. If that is not enough the polycarbonate used for the glazing is impact resistant so will simply deflect any attempt at entry.


Energy Efficient

The performance of these Mardome Rooflights has been developed to deliver an exceptionally energy efficient rooflight choice. This double glazed version is perfect for projects that don’t require the highest performing glass, such as the triple glazed versions.

Contemporary Styling

Mardome is the most attractive rooflight both internally and externally. The compact low rise profile helps to blend into the existing roof. The clear polycarbonate leaves the purest sunlight to fill your room.

Maximum Daylight

Mardome Rooflights can bring in more light that their normal window counterparts. Perfect for buildings where no extra windows can be installed, such as a listed building or similar. Or even for rooms where you just want maximum natural light.

Improve Productivity and Moods

Brighter rooms can help us perform better. By installing rooflights you will be letting in more natural light in. Natural light has a biological effect on the body which both increases awareness and concentration. From a business point of view you can increase productivity whilst having a happier workforce. The temperature of your surroundings also has an effect on your mood and productivity. These Mardome Rooflights can keep more heat in and so will keep the room closer to its optimal temperature.


The opening version comes with a long handle for operating.


Sizes available

600mm x 600mm – 600mm x 900mm – 750mm x 750mm – 900mm x 900mm – 1050mm x 1050mm – 1200mm x 1200mm


More information can be found on our Mardome Rooflight page.


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