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Composite fence post 2.7m (9 foot)

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Product Information

Composite Fence Post

Gone are the days of painting your fence

Composite fence panels have been designed to outlast traditional timber fence panels.  You can expect these panels to give you 20 years of maintenance free usage. Compare that to a maximum of 10 years from a timber equivalent which ideally needs to be treated every year to stand any chance of lasting that long. The same applies to our composite fence post.

With 3 colours to choose from these panels will make an impact in any garden.




These fence panels can be used for both our composite fence panels and traditional timber panels. They are available in 3 colour to match our fence panels and come in the following sizes:

1.8m2.4m (without steel insert) – 2.7m (with steel insert)


The cross section of these posts is 90mm x 110mm

Composite Fence Post Graphite

Working out how many you need


Generally you will need 1 more fence post than you have fence panels.So if you had 6 panels, you would need 7 posts and so on.


What about corners?

We understand that most gardens have a corner or two, which is why we offer the utility strip, a same colour channel that fixes to the side of the fence post and allows a fence panel to come of the post at 90 degrees.



Finish the top of the post off with a fence cap, again available in 3 matching colours and 3 distinctive styles.

How are they fixed?

Treat them as you would a timber or concrete post, simply did a suitable hole, insert the post and support it upright whilst you pour concrete or a suitable readymix in the hole. The major advantage of these posts over timber is that right at the base of a timber post is more than likely where they will rot first, the water sitting atop the concrete  doesn’t drain away and keeps the bottom of the post wet. No worries with a composite post, these will never rot!

Don’t have the option to dig a hole? Or want to mount it on top of a wall? We can supply post spikes which are designed with a plate at the bottom to bolt down onto a flat surface. The post is then slid over the spike and fixed in place.



Please note as we are replicating the characteristics of timber, products will vary in shade and grain effect. Some boards will have less grain and others will have grain effect, some products may also show the inner core material. All these effects are normal and part of the manufacturing process and in no way affect the longevity of composite fencing. Composite fencing will fade naturally, as does timber, and this in no way will affect the longevity of the product.

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