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Composite fence decorative top 2.4m (8 foot)

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Product Information

Gone are the days of painting your fence

Complete your new composite fencing with these composite fence decorative tops. Composite fence panels have been designed to outlast traditional timber fence panels.  You can expect these panels to give you 20 years of maintenance free usage. Compare that to a maximum of 10 years from a timber equivalent which ideally needs to be treated every year to stand any chance of lasting that long.

With 3 colours to choose from these panels will make an impact in any garden.


Graphite Composite fence


Natural composite fence



We have 2 choices for the decorative top panel. Concave or Convex

Both can be used alternatively to create a wave effect of all the same type one after another.


Concave boards are available in either 6foot (1.8m) or 8foot (2.4m). They measure 300mm each end in height, and 150mm in the middle where it curves downwards.


Convex boards are also available in 6foot (1.8m) or 8foot (2.4m). These measure 25mm at each end in height and reach 175mm in the middle.The boards are 50mm thick.


Please note as we are replicating the characteristics of timber, products will vary in shade and grain effect. Some boards will have less grain and others will have grain effect, some products may also show the inner core material. All these effects are normal and part of the manufacturing process and in no way affect the longevity of composite fencing. Composite fencing will fade naturally, as does timber, and this in no way will affect the longevity of the product.


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