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Colour Fascia Capping, 225 x 10mm x 5 mtr, LB

£35.43 Incl. VAT

Product Information

Free Foam offer a wide range of fascia/reveal liners and full replacement /newbuild fascias to suit any building design and improve any facade. The 10mm capping board is designed to cap over an exhisting wooden fascia. The board comes in various depths from 150mm upto 400mm its 5 metres in length and 10mm thick for a solid finish. The lip at the bottom measures 40mm and therefore will cover a board upto 30mm thick. Simply fix the capping over the exhisting “good”, no rot and treated wooden board with the stainless steel white headed nails/pins. (If there is any rot in the exhisting board this an be cut out and then treated.) Also availeble in a range of colours.