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2750mm (9ft) 3″ corrugated profile clear sheet

£17.90 Incl. VAT

Product Information

3″ profile heavy duty pvc corrugated roofing sheet ideal for sheds, covered walk ways, pergolas, carport roofs and even cloches in the garden or the allotment. In any roof situation it will need to be supported at a maximum of 900mm centres on its length and after the overlap the width of the sheet goes from 762mm down to 647 mm coverage. At 1.1mm thick it comes with a ten year guarantee

  • Resistance to an extensive range of chemicals
  • Fire retardant, meeting the highest standards
  • Flexibility for easy construction of arched roofs and curved walls
  • Good impact strength
  • Easily handled, quickly installed
  • Appearance maintained with minimum maintenance
  • High, long term resistance against the effects of solar UV radiation
  • Retain physical properties and attractive appearance despite exposure to all types of climatic conditions
  • Withstanding humidity, rain, snow and provide weather protection over a temperature range of -20°C to 50°C