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Back Inlet Gully, Square Hopper & Grid

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Product Information

Back Inlet Gully, Square Hopper & Grid

Bottle gully with two 110mm outlet sockets. Has stabilising feet on the bottom to assist during installation. Finished with a square black grid on top. These are to be fitting on top a suitable pad or slab prepared before hand. This hopper has a height adjustment of 32mm for making installation that little bit easier. Removable basket makes for easy rod access. Supplied with a back inlet socket plug, easily removed if you want to use both sockets.

Bottle gullys will form a trap to stop sewer smell from escaping. They are used primarily for the draining of waste water from properties, such as kitchens and washing machines. They are also used to allow downpipes to drain away safely.

As these are roddable they can be positioned upto 22m from a manhole cover.

Manufactured by floplast for use with all of their 110mm underground products.

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