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450mm Round Plastic Cover & Frame

£45.22 Incl. VAT

Product Information

This 450mm Round plastic screw down cover and frame will sit on top of either a Large Inspection Chamber (LIC) or onto risers that are attached to a LIC.

The cover is to be fitted at the correct level, onto a minimum of 50mm of concrete for further support. Then self tapping screws are used on the inside of the frame to securely fix it to the top of the riser or chamber.

Finally the cover is screwed down to the frame with captive screws. It is impossible for the cover to be removed without undoing these screws.

These frame and covers are suitable for loads up to 35kN

This cover can only be used on a chamber with a maximum depth on 1200mm, for chambers of increased depth the restricted access 350mm version should be fitted.

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