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200mm Mini Access Chamber Riser

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Product Information

This 200mm riser is to be used with the 300mm diameter mini access chamber. This riser sits directly on top of the chamber itself and had a built in integral rubber ring for sealing together.

The 200mm riser can be cut down to heights of 60/100/150mm if needed to adjust the finished height.

A maximum of 2 risers can be used together on the 300mm chamber. Up to a maximum height of 600mm.

 MAC HeightIncluding Lid
Base Only270300
Base and 1 Riser (100m)370400
Base and 1 Riser (200mm)470500
Base and 1no 100mm, and 1no 200mm riser570600

A screw down cover and frame sits directly ontop of the riser and is screws into this riser to finish installation.

After the pipe work and chamber have been fitted in place, the trench should be filled up to the crown of the pipework with pea shingle or similar, and the rest can be back filled with the dug out earth up to ground level.

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