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PVC Skirting board 95mm Ogee 12mm Thick

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Product Information

PVC Skirting Board 95mm x 12mm Torus Profile

Want perfectly finished skirting boards that never need any maintenance? This PVC Skirting Board is the answer.

This is a replacement or new skirting board with an Torus profile which is quick easy and fit. We can supply in either packs of 2.5m lengths or 5m lengths. A 5 metre length will stretch the length of most rooms, if not you can simply butt join them.

For fitting we recommend Trim Tape, a double sided adhesive tape with enough grab to hold the skirting to the wall to allow any further adhesive you apply to set. Around the top of the skirting you may want to run a bead of decorators caulk or silicone to hide any imperfections in the wall.




The benefits don’t stop there…

If you need to curve around a bay window or wall you can. So long as its not too tight a curve this board will form to most needs.

Simply wipe off any paint. Dont worry about masking, paint up to the skirting and simply wipe if off to create a neat line with a damp cloth.

Non yellowing. Since gloss paint manufacturing procedures have changed gloss paint has never been as good. It yellows. Badly. Opt for a water based version instead to sidestep the yellowing and you have a finish that just isnt tough enough. Even small kicks and scuffs can cause the paint to flake. With this PVC skirting board you can say goodbye to this. They are tough, and long lasting.


Don’t need such a high Torus skirting board? We can also supply a 95mm version.

See the difference in profiles here.



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