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Supafix APX4 Ultra Strength Superglue

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Product Information

Supa-Fix is the latest development in adhesive technology.

Supa-Fix will bond nearly all types of materials and can be used to fill cracks and holes with the reinforcing powders provided.

Fill It & Bond It.

2 In 1 Formula. Supa-Fix can be used just like traditional superglue, but when combined with the filling powders provided; Supa-Fix will do what Superglue won’t! Supa-Fix can fill a hole or crack in seconds leaving a rock hard concrete like finish.



Drill It & Screw It.

Super Fast & Easy Repairs. Supa-Fix is so strong that you can drill and then screw into it without breaking the bond. Offering a solution to any repair on almost any application.


File It & Paint It.

High Quality Finish Every Time. Supa-Fix can then be ground, filed or sanded down for a perfect, smooth finish. Once smoothed Supa-Fix can then be painted over with any type of paint even water based paint.



Included in the box is

2 x 10ml Ultra Strength Adhesive
1 x Black Reinforcing Filling Powder
1 x Grey Reinforcing Filling Powder
Application Nozzle and Pin
User Guide

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