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Ubiflex Lead Replacement Flashing

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Ubiflex is a non-lead water proof flashing material which can be used in all applications where lead is traditionally used to provide a waterproof junction. Ubiflex can also be used to damp proof courses and cavity trays in masonry walls. Available from stock in 200, 250 and 300mm widths and black or grey colours.

This is the thicker B3 3.5mm version of the flashing

Ubiflex is manufactured by coating both sides of an aluminium mesh reinforcement with a mixture of modified bitumen and additives. The underside of the product is finished with a kraft paper and film backing> Colour granules are added to the surface, the material is then cooled and rolled into the required lengths.

Use Ubbiflex for

  • Stepped flashings
  • abutment flashings
  • chimney flashings
  • pitch roof valley liners
  • dormer window flashings
  • Rooflights and solar panels
  • DPC and cavity wall trays


Ubiflex has a number of USP’s, which differentiate it from other non-lead flashings and make it the preferred choice when considering replacing lead:


  • Environmentally friendly; non toxic & recyclable
  • Much lighter than lead and extremely easy to handle
  • Up to 50% quicker to dress than lead
  • Doesn’t stain like lead
  • No scrap value
  • BBA certificate
  • BRE wind tunnel test certificate (Ubiflex didn’t fail at 110 mph)
  • Approved by both the NHBC and Zurich Insurance
  • Ubiflex B3 guaranteed for 25 years,
  • Wide range of widths in 3 colours and 6 and 12m lengths


Absolutely no thieft value

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