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18mm White Replacement Fascia Boards

The Freefoam internal 90 degree corner trim is a cover joint trim where 2 boards butt up together in a 90 degree internal corner. The internal corner is 300mm and can be cut d...
£4.66 Incl. VAT
The finial joint covers the joint of two boards at the apex of a roof that have been mitred to fit together. The finial measures 340mm tall It can be fixed with silicone, s...
£2.96 Incl. VAT
Can be used to end a run of fascia board instead of an external corner.   Comes double ended
Length(M)=0.05 Width(M)=0.007 Depth(M)=0.007
Length(M)=0.05 Width(M)=0.007 Depth(M)=0.007