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Laminated Window Boards

Our laminated window boards come in a wide range of colours and sizes, suitable for all indoor applications the scratch resistant covering is stain and water resistant and will last a long time if properly installed and cared for. The boards are easy to cut and are chip resistant, an ideal DIY friendly products.

Internal, external and straight joint covers do a good job or covering any cuts, and the ends are finished with end caps.

The core of these boards is chipboard which is a familiar, lightweight and easy to shape material, and with the laminated shell on the outside, the core will be protected effectively.

Available in White, Rosewood, Golden Oak and Light Oak/Pine. We are shortly introducing a Designer range of boards which will be offered in Anthracite Black, Grey Stone and Natural Stone. All colours are fade resistant so you can be assured that the colour you choose will remain the same and match in with other materials used in the rest of your home.