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Ogee Gutter Style

Why Ogee Gutter?

More often than not, the only reason Ogee gutter gets chosen is for its ability to add that extra something to the roofline look. The subtle curves add shadow detail to the gutter and increases the kerb appeal.

It is also a bit more of a traditional style and suits older buildings well. When combined with decorative bargeboards it really does make quite a difference.

With Ogee Gutter you have the choice of two different types of brackets to hold them up. Like other styles of gutter you can use the standard ‘underneath’ style brackets, or to further improve the look you can use the top hung gutter brackets.

top hung ogee fascia bracket white white ogee gutter bracket

These are not seen from below and don’t interrupt the lines of the gutter. They work by clipping into the top side of the gutter on ‘lips’ extruded onto the inside of the gutter. Ogee guttering needs to be supported every 800mm instead of 1000mm like other styles.

Are they all the same?

It should be noted that not all Ogee gutter styles are the same. A lot of manufacturers make it flat backed for installing onto a conservatory ring beam. Freefoam supply theirs with a shaped front and back.

brown ogee gutter

As the gutter we supply is symmetrical front to back, internal and external corners are the same part. Other manufacturers have to make two different types.

How much water can it shift?

Amazingly Ogee can out drain even the Deepflow gutter style. Deepflow can shift 4.6 litres per second and Ogee 4.76 litres per second!

Compare that to half round at 2.43 litres per second.

Can I connect up to next doors gutter?

Yes, provided they are set at the same height, there is a good chance that with the use of one of our Ogee to Square, or Ogee to Round adaptors you will be able to join up without hassle.

Do you have more info?

More general installation tips and tricks can be found here.