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New to our PVC Fencing Range

At Kents we are always striving to bring you new low maintenance products for inside and out, and we have now source a product that we have been asked about many times before.

When we launched our range or Temporary PVC Picket Fence we didn’t realise quite how popular it would become. We have sold all over the UK to companies and individuals using them for a massive range of reasons. To Santa’s Grotto displays to Festivals,  a temporary boundary at football grounds to sectioning off the garden for the safety of little kids.

An area where we have not been able to fulfil until now was a PVC gate for the same fencing system.

But now we can!

temp pvc picket fence gate

It attached seamlessly into the temporary fencing system and to reduce the demand placed on the feet of the fence, the gate runs on a wheel to support itself when open.

Supplied with a latch and pair of hinges these will prove to be popular now we have released them for sale.

Available in one size, 762mm wide (30inch).

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