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Mardome Rooflights

Mardome Rooflights

Hi-Lights Range

Selected range of Mardome Rooflights.

The power of natural daylight is the reason this Hi-Lights range of contemporary Mardome Rooflights has made it onto these pages.

Designed for flat or curved roofs on a modern building or new extension, Mardome rooflights transform dark corridors, or living spaces into wonderfully bright and airy  rooms. Ideal for rooms where windows are simply not possible.

These Mardome Rooflights combine quality engineering, innovative thinking and minimalist styling and deliver the most ingenious rooflight solution available.rb10695_Mardome-Modern-hallway-B-V.02.6.jpgrb10694_Mardome-Modern-hallway-A-V.02.6.jpg

mardome rooflightsWhy fit a Mardome Rooflight?

A generous glazing area will let in around 33% more daylight, creating the lighteset most brightest rooms imaginable.

The performance of the Mardome rooflight has been designed to deliver an exceptionally energy efficient rooflight choice. The triple glazed options meet the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations.

These are the most attractive rooflights, both internally and externally. The compact low rise profile of the rooflight blends discreetly with the roofline.

Tamper proof security fixings and impact resistant polycarbonate combine to deliver a very secure rooflight option.

BBA approval and a 20 year product warranty guarantees Mardome rooflights for complete peace of mind.



mardome rooflights cross section



We offer 2 styles of Mardomes, which can come Single, Double or Triple glazed depending on your requirement.

The main difference between our range is whether the rooflights come with a PVC Kerb or not.

rb10697_Mardome-Trade-150mm-Triple-Skin-Glazed-Unit-05.2.jpg rb10688_Mardome-DF-No-Kerb-Triple-Glazed-SECTION-Unit-V.01.6.jpg


The PVC Kerb is pre finished and will allow simpler installation onto the roof. It is also insulated and so negates the need for extra insulation to be added.

The Glazing only units are just that, they don’t come with the kerb. You will need to build a suitable up stand on the roof for the rooflight to fix down on to.

Both kits can have the advantage of triple glazing if you require. The models with a Kerb can be fixed or opening (manual)

With sizes ranging from 600×600 to 1200×1200 there should be a size suitable for your job.


Yuo can view our full range of rooflights here