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Lift ‘er up | New building methods with Lightweight Roofing Tiles

Lightweight roofing tiles have opened up many possibilities to traditional building techniques, that have not been possible before due to the weight and materials used before.

lightweight roofing tile

Take for example this job undertaken by a large home building company. With the use of Envirotiles they were able to fully assemble the roof at ground level and simply hoist into place.

lightweight roofing tilelightweight roofing tile

This has allowed for a major cut in time taken. The brickwork on the walls can be completed at the same time as another team of builders go to work on making the roof alongside.

lightweight roofing tile lightweight roofing tile

With it being at floor level the safety of the workers is somewhat reduced and requires less effort in getting materials in place. All of it adding to the pace of the build.

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