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Know Your Roof and the Importance of Soffits in Kents Direct

Getting to Know Your Roof: Soffits


In order to keep your roof in good shape, you need to understand the role that each component plays in preventing water damage.


Most people will be familiar with roof tiles, but do you know what roof soffits are used for?


The Role of Soffits


The soffit board can be found tucked away behind the fascia board on the lower part of the roof. They are used to connect the roof overhang that is found at the side of the building.


The soffit can be seen at street level, even though it is under the fascia and it is usually ventilated so that air can flow into the loft area. If your soffit does not have ventilation then it is likely to be in the fascia.


Ventilation from soffits is essential as the air that is allowed to flow around the roof area will help prevent condensation and rotting of the timber used in the main body of the roof.


Know your roof and the importance of soffits - Kents Direct


Soffits Materials


The most common material used for soffits is uPVC or aluminium, each of which is durable and has their own benefits. uPVC is relatively cheap compared to traditional wood soffits or aluminium soffits, but it lasts a long time and will by no means put you at more risk of leakage than choosing more expensive materials.


One of the main benefits of using uPVC soffits is that they offer better insulation, which means it is a great choice for older houses.


Aluminium is slightly stronger and will last longer when used for soffits and it will not discolour like uPVC can do when subjected to intense sunlight. Aluminium is highly water resistant, so it is a good investment if you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall.


With so many high-quality materials available for your roof, often the choice comes down to aesthetics, which means that each and every person will have a preference.


Some people will want their house to maintain a traditional look, while others prefer a more contemporary look that makes their house stand out. Whatever material you choose for your soffits, it is sure to last for many years.


Installing and Maintaining Soffits


If you are good at DIY and can reach your roof safely, you may be able to install and replace soffits, fascias and guttering yourself. If, however, you feel unsafe and inexperienced, then a reputable roofing company will do it for you.


Once you are happy with the installation of your soffits you must check them on a regular basis as small cracks can appear that, left unchecked, can cause a lot of damage. While uPVC is very durable as it does not rot, you must ensure that there are no cracks that appear or there is no debris caught up in it after a bad storm


If you are looking to buy new soffits or you need advice on any aspect of roofing, contact Kents Building Plastics today for expert advice from our friendly team.