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Gutter 101

Everything You Need to Know about Guttering for your Home


Installing a gutter system on your home is not the most glamorous of tasks, but it is an essential one. If you have a downpour and inadequate guttering in place, you will soon realise this fact, when you start seeing damp patches on your walls.


Each and every house will have its own individual guttering needs, for example, some homes with large overhangs that allow the rain to drip off may not need gutters, but the majority of houses will benefit from good gutter installation.


Think about materials


There are a few things that you need to consider when purchasing a gutter system, including which material you should opt for. Some are listed below:


uPVC is easy to cut and is cost-effective for those on a budget. Suitable for mild climates this is easily the most popular material. With a good range of colour and shapes.


Steel is a popular choice for those living in an area where the weather is particularly brutal. It is long-lasting, but can be expensive.


Aluminium is easy to work with, and reasonably cheap compared to steel gutters. Its a good looking material that will last well.


Once you have decided on what material you would like your gutters to be, it is now time to think what shape and size you would like.


The best shape and size


Square guttering offers good flow and is one of the most popular styles of guttering for houses that live in areas that experience lots of rain.


Ogee guttering has decorative sides and a flat bottom to maintain a steady flow and it is one of the most attractive styles of gutter. It can take a higher volume of water that square and half round.


Half-round guttering is the most traditional, but not as popular as square or Ogee guttering, as they tend to overflow and do not perform as well during heavy rain.


Deep Flow guttering is a useful style for buildings that are more exposed to rainfall. They have the biggest capacity over all the other shapes.


All styles of guttering come in a variety of sizes that will need to be chosen dependent on how much rain you generally experience in your part of the country.


Maintenance is important


Once installed, all guttering must be maintained. Therefore it is worth investing in a strong gutter brush that is both easy to use and will clear away leaves and debris.


To reduce the number of leaves that get trapped in your guttering, investing in a leaf guard will save a lot of hassle. Some people prefer to hire a firm to clean gutters professionally, which could also be a wise investment in the long-run.


It may be beneficial to speak to a local guttering specialist to ensure you buy the correct materials for your house. You can speak to one of our customer service experts through our online form, or at one of our UK branches.