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Great Tips for Decorating Your Living Room

If you could change a minor detail in your living room that would make or break the overall interior design, would you make it? Perhaps you’re looking to spruce up your lounge in order to enhance your living space, or you want to make a statement when selling your house? Then, have you considered installing pvc skirting boards? Surprisingly, choosing the right material and design for minor details can be as crucial as choosing larger pieces of furniture.

Kents Direct living room decorating tips

You might have misgivings about sacrificing the appearance of traditional wooden skirting. But you need not. Kents Building Plastics supplies pvc skirting boards that people mistake for real wood, coated with a woodgrain PVC film. And a range of designs to suit all tastes and styles, besides.

There’s also a range of fantastic benefits associated with pvc skirting boards beyond the look. In fact, most home owners are now switching to plastic skirting boards because of their many advantages. They recognise a tough-wearing, long-lasting material that can provide a high quality finish to your home. A product that can hide gaps between walls, floors and ceilings, giving your living room a quality clean look.

PVC tends to be easier to fit, which the less confident DIYer might appreciate. Boards simply slot together with pre-moulded corner pieces to remove the need for mitring. All done in half the time it would take to install and paint conventional timber products. All that’s required otherwise is a standard building adhesive. It’s a cheaper choice too, since the materials used in pvc skirting board are not as expensive as wood. Excellent news if you’re working to a budget.

Kents Direct living room decorating tips

With a foil finish that has the appearance of wood, plastic is not susceptible to splitting, woodworm or warping as with real wood. Plastic skirting boards are easy to wipe clean and require minimal maintenance. A great advantage they have over wood is their 100% moisture resistance, so that they can withstand areas with high humidity for long periods of time, without replacement. The material does not fade in the sun and maintains a constant colour.

Kents Direct living room decorating tips Kents Direct living room decorating tips

PVC skirting boards are massively preferable to wooden ones because they never need repainting. That also means none of the preparation, the backbreaking and time-consuming sanding down of surfaces. And no more painted carpet edges.

All in all, pvc skirting boards combine the practical with the attractive, sculpted design of traditional skirting.


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