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Get your roof ready for winter

Getting Your Roof Ready for Winter

If you know exactly what condition your roof is in and you want to get it ready for winter, you can browse the roofing section of our website or call us today for advice and information.

roof ready for winter

While we may be experiencing an Indian summer at the moment we should not be lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to UK weather.

As we head into autumn and then into winter, it is important that your roof is ready to withstand the strain of the cold and wet weather.

If you have recently had a new roof installed, you may feel that there is no work to be done, but there are always checks to carry out each year.

It is also important to understand that just because you were ok last winter does not mean that your roof can withstand another year of heavy rain or snow, especially if you live in a cold part of the UK.

If you are experienced in home repairs, you will be able to visually check your roof to check for any damage, missing tiles, or blocked gutters and take action to rectify the problem.

However, if you are unsure about what you are looking for, you may need to call a roofing contractor to carry out a full inspection.

If you have never hired a roofer before it is best to look online for reviews of businesses and call a few people out for free estimates, to ensure that you get good value for money.


What do you need to do?

A relatively new roof will need little maintenance in the early years so you will want to carry out basic checks, including:

  • Checking if your gutters are clogged, this can be an issue as the leaves start to fall during autumn. Investing in a gutter brush would make your job a whole lot easier
  • If you have not installed a leaf guard, it may be time to do so
  • Check for any damage to gutters as they are reasonably cheap to replace
  • Visually check your roof on the exterior and interior to check for missing or loose shingles
  • Keep an eye out for damp patches on your wall, which could indicate a problem with your roof or guttering system
  • Don’t forget to check the roof on your conservatory, shed or outdoor building too, as you may need sheeting replacing.
  • Check any roof windows or skylights to ensure that there are no breaks to the seal and locks are ok.


Why get ready now?

You may be tempted to wait until the heavy weather sets in during winter, but this could be a bit too late.

If you leave small issues in the hope that they will not turn into a big problem, you may end up finding yourself out of pocket.

In addition to checking if your roof is ready for the cold weather, you may want to consider upgrading your roof by adding a roof light or renewing insulation.