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PVC Skirting Board Cover Information

Fitting Kents Ambassador PVC Skirting Board Covers is Easy!!

If you are bored of painting your skirting boards, or just cant manage to get the painting spot on we have the answer for you, PVC Skirting Board Covers.

Kents PVC Skirting Board Covers from our Ambassador range makes it easy to improve the look of your house with minimal effort.

Not only can you keep your old skirting board in place and simply hide it, you may also be able to hide pipes or even wires behind it. Depending on the size of the cover you buy and the size of your existing skirting boards.

pvc skirting board covers

Skirting Board Cover – 3 colours now available!

White Gloss – Mahogany Woodgrain – Golden Oak Woodgrain

Covers existing skirtings

Can be used to hide unsightly cables

Never needs painting – simple fit and forget

Adds character and style to any room

Choice of styles, colours and sizes

Simple DIY fit – only basic skills and tool needed

Our Ogee profile boards have now been upgraded and are a better quality, more sturdier board

pvc skirting board cover

Want to see it for yourself?

Samples of our pvc skirting board covers can be sent out free of charge

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Our PVC Skirting board Covers spells the end of all the scraping, sanding, priming and painting of those wooden skirting boards – and no more painted carpet edges!

Supplied in 2.5metre (8 ‘) lengths you can transform a room with some basic DIY skills.

For corners and door frames we offer finishing trims to cover the open ends of the boards. For rooms longer than 2.5m we can supply straight joiners which simply are fixed over the top of the joint. This creates a tidy joint and hides any unsightly cuts.

How do I finish off around a door frame?

Easy, use one of our External corners to take the profile back into the wall. Some cutting may be required to fit around your existing skirting board. Seal the edge with caulk or silicone and you will never know there was a skirting board hidden under there.


The skirting is available in 3 styles, Ambassador Ogee, Ambassador Ogee Plus and Ambassador Square    

Skirting board coverskirting board coverambassador_square_mahog1

ambassador_4a photo of a skirting board exterior angle covera photo of a skirting board interior angle cover

skirting board corner cover

Ambassador Ogee is an Ogee profiled Skirting board cover with a flat top for a quality clean look.

Ambassador Ogee Plus uses the same Ogee profiled Skirting board cover but is supplied with a quadrant profile that you fit on top of the skirting to give a more detailed look and can be useful for extra depth when covering thicker skirting boards.

Ambassador Square is a simple square edge and flat topped profile that gives a contemporary finish to a room. This is available in 2 wood effect finishes as well as white.

Sizes & Colours

Ambassador Ogee is available in 2 sizes in white only:-

The 100mm covers existing skirting boards up to 90mm in height and 18mm thick

The 150mm covers existing skirting boards up to 140mm in height and 18mm thick

These boards are 18mm thick, and have a 9mm thick top.

Ambassador Ogee Plus is also available in 2 sizes in white only:-

The 120mm covers existing skirting boards up to 90mm in height and 24mm thick

The 170mm covers existing skirting boards up to 140mm in height and 24mm thick

These boards are 18mm thick and have a 9mm thick top

The Ambassador plus range uses the same board as the Ambassador Ogee, but has an extra decorative quadrant on top to allow you to cover thicker skirting boards. You would hide the exposed gap with the quadrant, which is supplied with double sided trim tape to aid installation.

Ambassador Square is available in White, Oak and Mahogany foiled woodgrain finishes in 150mm with other sizes available at prices on request.

This 150mm covers existing skirting boards up to 140mm in height and 25mm thick

These boards are 9mm thick on the sides and 9mm thick on top

Samples of our skirting covers can be sent out free of charge

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a contact form to fill out, its quick and easy

Fitting Instructions for PVC Skirting Board

To fix, the adhesive is gunned onto the back of the skirting cover profile and pushed over existing board. If the existing board is thin or has been removed you can stick a batten to the wall and/or the skirting board to act as a spacer and then stick the cover profile to the batten(s).

The skirting board cover can be mitred into corners for a neat finish (use our colour matched silicone to seal mitres) or you can use stick on Internal and External corner covers which avoid the need to mitre the main board – however you will need to notch one of the boards where they meet in an external corner (as picture below).

pvc skirting corner

The Ambassador Ogee Plus quadrant is supplied with self adhesive tape and this is stuck to the top of the skirting profile. This top moulding will cover any gap between the skirting and the wall and will complete the skirting board detail. You will need to mitre the quadrant and file or cut the bottom of the quadrant where it runs over the corners and joints – our mitre shears (below) are ideal for this job. Finally fill any gap between the quadrant and the wall if necessary with our decorators caulk. You can also seal any imperfect mitres in the quadrant with a smear of our silicone.

Mitre shears can be found here

Internal, External and Straight joints are available for each style of skirting cover.

Use the code ‘sample10‘ in the voucher box on the checkout page to receive a 10% discount on all ambassador orders placed on this site. This cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or code.

Samples of our skirting covers are sent out free of charge

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