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How To Choose The Right Fascias For Your Home

Fascia Choices – How To Choose The Right Fascias For Your Home

fascia choices

There’s lots of small jobs that need to be done when you’re renovating your home. You often don’t even discover most of them, or why they’re needed, until you’ve already got started on your project.¬†Fascias are one such thing you’ve discovered that you need to think about. What are they, what do they do, and what should you know before installing them? What are your fascia choices?

This guide has all the details.

What is a fascia, and what does it do?

A fascia is something that doesn’t stand out much on your home, unless you want it to. However, it has a big part to play in keeping your home in good shape.

It sits just under the edge of your roof, and looks like a small lip that runs around the edge. It’s quite unassuming, but this part of your roof is what’s keeping moisture out of your attic.

It does this by covering the wood and stopping rot from setting in. Without it, your roof would be in danger of breaking down due to water damage.

When would you need to install it?

Your home more than likely already has some installed, so if you’re doing work to your roof, you may want to install newer fascias.

You can also change them if you’re changing the look of the outside of the house.

How to pick the right fascias for your home РWhat are my fascia choices?

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There’s a few different things to keep in mind as you look for the right fascia. They are:

– Decide on a colour: You’re more likely to find a fascia in white, as that’s the basic colour that most builders use. However, it is possible to pick them up in different colours, too. There is also a range of wood effect grained colours. If you want it to match colours that are already on your home, such as your doors or window frames, it is possible.

– Pick a style: A fascia is considered a trim product, so the style that you pick can have a big effect on the look of your home. Most fascias are fairly basic, so they’ll sit under your roof and look unobtrusive. You can pick more varied styles too, if you want something that adds to the look of the home rather than hides away. It’s really up to you. Want to make a statement and stand out, or need to match up to a more elaborate style, there are a few different shaped boards and mouldings available to do just this.

Do you need more information on fascias? Still having trouble deciding on all the fascia choices? Want to know more about how to choose and fit them to your home? Ask us here at Kents Building Plastics.

We know everything there is to know about fascias, so give us a call or pop into one of our home improvement stores. We’re sure to be able to help you out.