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Envirotile Roof Tile System

New this year to Kents are these lightweight PVC roof tiles from Envirotile


These Envirotile roof tile is a precision manufactured recycled product with extremely good eco credentials, they are also 100% recyclable at the end of their life. Designed with a mould that produces an aesthetically pleasing design the leading edge of each tile has a chamfered finish which gives a fantastic look when installed. They are finished with a slate effect riven texture to mimic the traditional tiles they aim to replace.

envirotile anthracite grey

The full Envirotile range can be found here


Extremely easy to install with a range of finishing trims and accesories these tiles have a multi point interlocking design which ensures maximum performance in all weather conditions down to a shallow pitch of 12.5 degrees. The way in which the first row are fixed doen has the ability to widthstand extremely strong updraughts without failing. These envirotiles have also acheived the best test result ever recorded for all tiles tested for not leaking any water under a simulated 60mph rain storm.


Where can I use envirotiles?

Envirotiles are suitable for use on any roof designed to take an ordinary slate, concrete or clay tile. The best part is that they are up to 80% lighter than their replacements. A pack of 10 tiles weights just 6.45kg, making is quick, easy and safe to transport and lift onto the roof for installation, saving labour time and costs.

We have examples of Envirotiles being fitted onto large commercial buildings, homes and garden buildings, there really is no limit to where you can use them.

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What finishing parts are available?

All parts that are available on a traditional tiles roof are also available on an Envirotile roof. This includes Ridge Tiles, Hip Tiles, Underlay, Dry Verge System and all end caps. All the trims and accessories are colour matched to create the perfect looking finished article.

What pitch are these tiles suitable for?

Envirotiles can be fitted onto a roof of a minimum pitch of just 12.5degrees and can be fitted securely all the way up to 90degrees (vertical)

Plastic roof tiles? These cant be safe?

Envirotiles interlock and are fixed in 8 separate places, making these extremely vandal and burglar proof.

How long will they last?

Envirotiles have been given a huge 25 year guarantee.

Im hooked, how do I install them?

Take a look at this short video to learn the basics.

For more upclose installation instructions read our page here on how to fit envirotiles.

Where can I purchase them?

The full range of Envirotile products available from Kents can be found at here|KentsBuildingĀ 

Need more info?

More in depth installation instructions and information can be found hereĀ Envirotile Installation Guide Technical Specification