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Easy Connect Garden Lighting System


The Easy Connect garden lighting system is as the name would suggest, an extremely easy way to light up your garden stylishly, quickly and safely.

How does the system work?

  1. Choose type of power supply. Plug in or Hard Wired
  2. Optional Wireless Control & Motion Detection ability
  3. Choose Connectors and Extensions
  4. Choose your required lighting



You can run the system straight from the mains (240v) in two ways. We can supply a starter cable with a 3 pin UK mains plug, or, a connector which is able to connect to an existing lighting cable.

From then on you have a wide range of choice. Each Easy Connect system has a limit of 3600w, and when you consider many of the lamps in the fixtures are rated at 1w or lower, thats a lot of light!


With the use of splitters and extension cables you can run the cables either side of your garden and to exactly where you need them.


You can run other garden lighting (Class II Double insulated only) from this system with the use of a product adaptor. Even a garden power spike can be connected up and garden equiptment can be run from this.


Too comfy in your deck chair to get up and flick the lights on? No worries, we have two styles of remotes to wirelessly turn them on or off. One will even allow you to dim the lights, control different areas of lights and to set lights to flash in a sequence.


Worried about safety? With the use of a motion sensor you can use these lights to shine on any unwanted visitors.


And finally, there is a huge range of lights. From Deck Lights to border Spot Lights, Bollards to Colour changing spheres. Enough choice for anyone to create a wonderful garden atmosphere no matter what weather!


Watch the Official Easy Connect Video here for more info.