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Deepflow Guttering

What is Deepflow Gutter?

Basically, deepflow gutter is half round guttering, but bigger! Its also know as Hi capacity guttering, or Hi Cap for short. Not only is it taller than standard half round, its also wider.

Half Round

Its available in all the same colours as the standard half round, that means, White, Black, Brown, Grey and Cast Iron Effect. It’ll also fit onto the standard 68mm downpipes.

deepflow gutter anthracite grey union round gutter union joiner

Why choose Deepflow Gutter?

Depending on the design of the roof and the environmental conditions you may end up having a roof that needs to drain more rainwater than a standard half round gutter can handle. If you have a large or high pitched roof, or happen to live in an area which is subjected to more rainfall than the average house, deepflow gutter will be the correct choice for you.

It maybe only a little wider, but the difference on the depth of the gutter allows it to drain nearly 2x more water. 4.6 litres per second compared with only 2.4 litres per second for the standard half round.

You may also find if you are in a house which has tall fascia boards, that a bigger gutter may look better too.

With the UK weather as it is, its not a bad idea to over engineer your guttering for the occasional monsoon downpours we get

It uses the same downpipe as standard half round?

Yes. The standard 68mm downpipe is not the limiting factor when it comes to emptying the gutter. Generally speaking, with the effect of gravity on their side, most downpipes have a much greater flow rate that the gutters they are fitted to. This keeps the downpipes an attractive size.

How do i fit it?

Luckily the method of fitting is exactly the same as our other styles of guttering. For a standard roof, with no abnormal snow loads likely, the fascia brackets are spaced the same as the other styles of guttering (900mm), even though they will carry more water, and therefore more weight the brackets are suitably manufactured to cope with the increase. We have outlined some gutter installation tips here to help you out

I want to know more!

Ok, all the information we have about our pvc guttering in all styles and colours can be read about in Freefoams Freeflow Brochure here

Take me to the full range of deepflow guttering!

You’re the boss. Our full range of deepflow gutter is on display here, easily laid out and very competitive prices. Buy online today for speed UK delivery.