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CWC Composite Decking Information

Why CWC Composite Decking?

A House installed with CWC Composite Decking

There are lots of composite decking boards available in the UK, Some are brilliant, some not so. We only supply those brands which we would be happy with having in our own gardens.

CWC composite decking fits this condition. Its medium lengths boards makes for easy lifting and manoeuvring than some longer boards with less useless off cuts and butt joints that shorter lengths. Whilst there are only 4 colours available 2 grey, 2 brown, they all do a good job of enhancing and complementing each other. The eye catching wood grain surface is both attractive and slip resistant, perfect for a deck. For those of you who would rather a more traditional grooved effect board, the underside of the board can be faced upwards. a twin textured board.

The full range of CWC composite decking can be seen here.

ancient black cwc composite deckingsalt lake silver cwc composite deckingantique ash cwc composite deckingwild brown cwc composite decking

CWC composite decking, like all the decking we currently supply, uses its own hidden fixing system which prevents having to drill down through the top of the board. The clips are designed to not only space the boards consistently, but they allow a small amount of movement in the board to cater for expansion and contraction in the differing UK weather.

Lets not forget the best bit of fitting composite decking – no maintenance. No sanding, no staining or painting – simply jet wash once it gets dirty and it’ll return to its original condition. Simply sit back and enjoy.

cwc composite decking sample

Eco Friendly

CWC Composite decking is made from 60% timber content and a recycled plastic polymer bound for a landfill site, making it the green choice for your garden. The timber used is ethically sourced, traceable and recycled from timber mills.

cwc composite decking sample 2

How long will it last?

The tough, long lasting surface is guaranteed for 25 years by the manufacturer (installations need to be registered here to qualify) which goes a long way to make up the extra spend on these boards over its timber equivalent which would last no where near as long.

Its hard surface means it does a good job of resisting staining from tough to remove liquids like red wine and oil.

Due to the PVC content in the board, its completely water resistant, which gives the board its slip resistance and also stops the board from sucking up water and rotting like a timber deck.

The full range of CWC composite decking can be seen here.

ancient black sample cwc composite decking

Finishing Trims

This range of composite decking comes with a few different ways to finish of edges and steps. The most universal trim is the Aluminium angle, matched to suit each board colour.

Ancient black finishing trimsWild brown finishing trims

These are supplied in 3.66m lengths and can be used on either the side or the edge of the boards to create a long lasting and tough edge.

Or you can use the Step and Edge board which is the same construction as the deck boards, but have a 90 degree angle built into them.  A clever and neat looking board. It must be noted that this Step and edge board is currently only available in the ribbed plank effect, not the woodgrain effect, and the Salt Lake Silver colour does not have a Step and Edge board available. These boards are fixed in place using the same decking clips as the rest of the boards.

Wild brown composite decking step edge trim step edge nosing trim ancient black



We can, of course, supply free samples of the boards so you can feel the fantastic board for yourself before placing an order, or maybe you need to check which colour suits the furniture in your garden. Simply enter your details onto our sample request page here

Fitting instructions

Our full fitting instructions can be found here.