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Composite fencing

Composite fencing changes everything

Composite fencing is a great idea for those who would like to give their gardens a modern twist.
As a direct replacement for standard timber panels, these stylish and chic fencing options are usually made from a mixture of wood and plastic. Giving both a traditional look and higher durability, these excellent garden fence choices are perfect for those who want height flexibility, gorgeous appearances and much more.

Here at Kents, we’re ready to help you install top composite fences that give your garden a boost, offer you low maintenance, provide you with diverse design options and much more.

Looking after your composite fence
Often, a major part of the problem with traditional timber fences is that they require a large amount of maintenance.

Whether it’s the need to varnish them to keep them looking smart, painting them so they’re in keeping with everything else or finding new panels once the old ones have rotted through, it can be a real time drain. And that’s before you’ve even factored in fixing up loose screws!

Composite fences from Kents, however, require very little maintenance. Because they are intuitively designed to fit together into each other, all you have to do when putting up your fence is slot them into place.

Create a fence with custom height and width
This ease of integration coupled with flexible panel sizes mean that you can build your composite fence from Kents to the specific height that suits you. If you need to keep out nosy neighbours, we can help!

The panels available come in a range of different widths, too, which means that you don’t need as many posts as a traditional fence. For example, those who want each segment of their fence to be less wide can opt for six foot wide panels, while those who have a large ground space to cover with their fence can opt for the panels with an eight foot width.

As well as saving concrete, this also means that you won’t need to spend as much time on the DIY. With Kents’ composite fencing options, it’s a win-win situation.

Enjoy high colour and design flexibility with our fences
Unlike timber fencing, which usually requires painting if you want to redecorate it or give it a new colour, composite fencing can come in a wide range of styles.

What’s more, you also have the option of “mixing and matching” the designs and hues on offer if you want to create a bespoke and eye-catching appearance.

Strong integration with your current fence posts
Another big advantage when it comes to composite fencing is that the panels can be fitted into lots of different, pre-existing fence posts – meaning you won’t have to tear out what’s already there.

If you already have a timber fence then the panels can often be fitted into your current posts, and if you have fences made from slotted concrete then they will also work with composite panels.

If you have neither of these or you would prefer an overhaul, you can also opt for the standard composite fence posts which add a consistent finishing touch to your fencing. Here at Kents, we can help you find the best option for your garden – so get in touch today.

Fed up of having to paint and even repair your timber fence every year? To do a good job it can take a whole weekend to do all the panels in an average sized garden. I don’t know about you, but I have other things I would rather do on the weekend. Sure, they look better for it, until next year.

Look at the costs for painting your existing timber fence over a 10 year period.

10no 6×6 timber panels would need to be painted at least 4 times over 10 years. This would require roughly 14 tins of preserver at £22.49 each. On average it would take 50 hours to paint 10 panels both sides, 4 times. Times this at minimum wage of £7.20. All in you are looking at £674.86 (prices correct as of 01/04/16)  This doesn’t take into account brushes, brush cleaner and any cleaning products or sheets.

Compare this to composite fencing – £0

I suppose you could use a garden sprayer to paint them in a fraction of the time?

Yes, you can go down this route. But you need perfect conditions, no wind and an area designated to spray them in. Ideally a sheet put up behind to catch the over spray, which will be ruined by the end of the day.

If you live in a particularly windy area or have to get the job done in anything other than perfect conditions you can expect over spray galore. You will be cleaning paint off of windows, cars the floor and washing for days! Not recommended.

Add this to the fact that you will be lucky to get 10 years from a standard fence panel, you will be replacing these at least twice in the guaranteed lifespan of composite fencing, possibly even 3 times.

Introducing Composite fencing

2_271_ecomposite fencing panels

Firstly, its core is made from PVC. So its never going to rot like timber. The ‘skin’ is a wood composite blend which give the finished board a woodgrain look and feel.

Guaranteed for 20 years, this will far out last a timber fence, think of all those weekends saved.

If you are simply wanting to replace your rotten timber fence and have slotted posts already installed you can simply slot the new composite panels into them. This saves money and time.

Our composite fence panels are known else where as eco fence.


fascia board and skirting board

Do you have different height fence panels at different points in your garden? Not a problem. These panels are 300mm tall and simply slot one on top of each other into the posts. So you can build up a fence height of whatever you need in 300mm increments. We do posts that are upto 2.7m long, so once these are in the ground you could potentially erect an 8ft fence!


Garden on a slope? Follow the same rules as you would for timber fencing. Your posts will be staggered in height and the panels slid down between them horizontally.


fascia board and skirting board

If your current posts are broken or rotten and you want to replace them with something that will last and match we can supply 3 different height composite posts to finish the job. Just like concrete posts these are slotted posts do the panels will simply slide down into them, creating a strong fence in a matter of seconds. They are 100 x 110mm in cross section and have approximately a 50mm slot, like their concrete cousins.

posts2 img_20140722_143442

Posts can be fitted in the same manner as timber and concrete posts, dig a suitable hole, place the post in and fill with concrete. Alternatively we can supply bolt down spike which fixes down to concrete, patio slabs or similar. The posts themselves will then slide down over the spike where they can be fixed through the side of the post. Creating a strong fixed post in no time with minimal disruption to the ground.


If you want the speediest and least labour intensive way of installing this type of fencing you can use the drive in spikes which are simply knocked into suitable ground, the centre of the post is then slid down over the top of the ;spike’ which is left and a number of screws are used to connect the two.


If you want to make even more of a mark with your fence you can add a decorative top to them. Instead of finishing off with a straight top why not fit a concave or convex topper to add extra style.


Post caps are available in a few different styles to finish of our composite posts. Choose from Flat, Globe or Acorn. Again these match the finished grain on the posts and panels.post-caps ball-caps acorn-caps

And finally if you are worried about spending so much on a fence for it to be nicked in the middle of the night (it does happen!) we supply security fixings. These screw in sideways to the post in the slot and hold down the top board, meaning none of the lower boards can be lifted out either. Use a security screw to further secure them.