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Here’s Why Composite Fencing Has Timber Beat

Getting your fencing fixed or replaced is always a headache, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. You can give up on traditional timber fencing by replacing yours with a composite fence. Here’s everything you need to know about composite fencing, and how it can give your garden a new lease of life.

fascia board and skirting board

How a composite fence is different

Composite fences are made from a combination of high quality wood and uPVC, rather than the simple timber used in most other fencing products. The combination of the two products means you’re getting a much tougher, longer lasting fence that looks as just as good as a wooden one.

Never have to paint your fence again

At least once a year you’ll need to paint your timber fence, if you want it to stay looking good. However, that’s time consuming and annoying, to say the least. Instead, a composite fence can delete that job from your to do list. Composite fences come in a huge range of attractive colours and wood grains, so you’ll have a natural looking fence without all the work. The colour won’t fade in the sun, either.

no more painting fences

Composite fencing isn’t prone to rot

Timber fences are great until you have wet weather and the wood begins to rot or warp. Composite fencing never has this problem, thanks to its uPVC component. You can be safe in the knowledge that no matter how wet the weather gets, your fence isn’t going to succumb to moisture.


Fences are stronger against the elements

Speaking of the weather, if strong winds kick up it can spell the end for your timber fences. A composite fence, though, is made of much sturdier stuff. They can take anything the weather throws at them and still remain standing. They’re also much better at withstanding the odd football that gets kicked at them, too.

Easy to install yourself


Want to save some money on your new composite fencing? Then you’re in luck. The panels are actually very easy to install yourself, if you have a spare afternoon. If it’s just the panels that need to be replaced, then all you have to do is buy the right sized composite panels, then slot them in place. It’s as easy as that. If the posts are broken, you’re still good to go. You can buy composite posts that are just as hardy as the panels, and they’ll last you for years to come.

composite fence panels


Excellent value for money

Composite fencing costs around the same as a regular timber fence, but in terms of value for money you’re getting so much more. The panels will last for much longer than regular timber, meaning you’ll save money on repairs and replacements for years to come.

If you’re convinced, come take a look at our composite fencing range at Kents Building Plastics. We have a wide array of fences on offer, all for reasonable prices. We can help with any aspect of the installation too, so get in touch.



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