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Choosing the right internal doors for your home

You’ve spent long hours visualising the perfect elements for your chosen room. The paint is picked out, the furniture has been scouted, the flooring is in mind, you’ve even picked a variety of finishes to add a little extra style to the room. An element that is often forgotten that can tie a space together is the door.

With a plethora of options available to you, picking the door to complete the look can be confusing. We’ve selected a few popular choices for you to consider, for your next internal door.

Glazed internal doors

real wood glazed

Glazed internal doors encourage light to pass freely between rooms and look great in the process. They create a transparent barrier between areas of the home and are particularly popular for dining and living rooms or kitchens.

Most manufacturers will allow you to customise the door’s colour, finishes and even choose the amount of glazing. These internal doors are often more affordable than their exterior counterparts due to the fact that they don’t need to be insulated. Although, double glazed doors could be considered for additional comfort.

Solid frame internal doors

solid door

The ever-popular solid frame door. A sturdy cornerstone of most houses across the world. While white is the most common colour used in the construction industry, wood doors have long been nipping at its heels. Perfectly matching laminate flooring and wood skirting to finish a room in style.

Bi fold doors

bi fold

‘Broken plan’. It’s not the latest blockbuster starring Jason Statham, it’s an alternative to the open-plan layout that has taken the interior design world by storm over the past few years. The layout consists of clever uses of space to create unique areas often using semi-permanent features.

Understandably, the bi fold doors ability to close off a room but retract fully makes it a popular choice for those seeking this layout. Privacy isn’t the only benefit of bi fold doors. The concertina-style doors can also boost light flow around the home and, with a variety of materials and colour options to choose from, can be customised to complement any interior scheme.

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