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Category: Tips

Which decking material is best?

Decks have become an integral part of the modern home and are a perfect finish to a beautiful garden. Awesome weather, a barbeque, a few friends and family around having a great time in the sun on a lovely summer’s day. Glorious. There are many decking options available on the market today. But, where do you even start with so many decking options to go through? Hopefully, we’ll be able to make the choice a […]


How to fit bathroom wall panels

White bathroom walls and plain tiles have been a mainstay in most homes throughout the nation for many years. Gone are the days of plain white being the only option. Bathroom wall panels are a unique way of improving the look of your bathroom. Whether doing a feature wall or giving the whole room a makeover, bathroom cladding is a great way to make a bold statement in your home. All bathroom wall panels will […]


What colour goes with grey tiles in bathroom?

If your next bathroom project involves grey tiles, chances are you’ve considered what colours will complement your tiling. As a colour, grey is actually highly versatile and lends itself to a lot of colour schemes. Here are some of the top colours that will enhance any grey bathroom tiling: Mustard Yellow Mustard yellow was a popular colour in 2018 and one that complements grey very nicely. If opting for a shade of dark grey, you […]


Build your ideal contemporary door styles to suit any Bath home!

Bath is one of the most spectacular cities in the UK. Its stunning location on the edge of the Cotswolds and multitude of imposing Georgian buildings have made Bath one of the UK’s most sought-after places for home-buyers. If you’re lucky enough to live in Bath, you’ll want to make the most out of your home. A great place to start is with a stylish new entrance door. Try out our Door Designer At Kents […]


5 weekend home improvement projects to plan for 2019!

Can you believe it? 2019 is almost here! It might be the furthest thing from your mind right now but Spring is just round the corner and it’s a great time to make some improvements to your home. From the small DIY jobs which often get overlooked to the larger projects where you’ll need to employ a professional, now is the time to start planning your home improvement projects for 2019. 1. Replace inefficient windows […]