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5 benefits to replacing your conservatory roof (and how it can transform your home)


Since their boom a few decades ago, conservatories haven’t lost their popularity. However, most conservatories from years gone by aren’t fit for purpose in this day and age. A conservatory is an extension of your home and an area that should be enjoyed all year-round. No extreme temperatures, no loud noises and no high energy bills.

Considerable advancements in technology, manufacturing techniques and design have led to this versatile living space being transformed in modern times. Leading the way in this conservatory revolution is the tiled conservatory roof or warm roof as it’s often referred to. We’ve collected some of the top reasons that the tiled conservatory roof is a worthwhile investment that could drastically improve your home.

Enjoy your living space again and save money on your energy bills

Polycarbonate and older glass roofs have the notorious reputation of sweltering summer temperatures and freezing winter conditions. Some homeowners choose to isolate their conservatory from the rest of the home to avoid having the cold or heat affect the rest of the home’s temperature, wasting valuable living space. Oil or space heaters can require a considerable amount of energy to run to keep a moderate temperature in the room. Likewise, running an air conditioner or fan throughout the summer months could see energy bills skyrocket.

The design of tiled conservatory roof includes multiple layers of insulating foam and other barriers offering considerably more insulation that of a polycarbonate or glazed alternative. The breathable layers allow moisture to escape but still keeping the room’s warmth in.

The primary metric used to measure the effectiveness of a conservatory roof is U value. This is a measure of an element’s ability to retain heat. The lower the value, the more effective it is at keeping the cold out and the warmth in. Polycarbonate roofs can often achieve an estimated U value of between 2.5 W/m2k and 1.6 W/m2k, with high-performance glass conservatory roofs achieving a U value of around 1.2 W/m2k and 1 W/m2k. The warm roofs from Kents can achieve a U value of 0.18 W/m2k, providing a comfortable temperature throughout the year.


Customised to your modern taste

If you bought the home with a conservatory, it wasn’t created to your personal taste. And if you bought the conservatory many years ago, your taste may have changed over the years. A tiled conservatory roof allows you to create your ideal living space and customise the room to complement home and your taste.

Lighting is an important consideration, especially when going from a fully glazed roof to tiles. Glass panels can be installed into the tiled conservatory roof to allow natural light into the room. Spotlights can also be fitted into roof for a stylish finish to the room. Choose the configuration and layout of the roof, including a variety of coloured tiles.

Maintenance free conservatory roof

Glass and polycarbonate roofs can look unclean due to a build-up of dust, grime and dirt, especially in areas with trees and a large population of birds. There can also be a risk of mould build up on the roofs. Regular maintenance is required to keep these roofs looking their best. The tiled conservatory roof is practically maintenance-free, saving you the hassle of regular cleaning.

sentinel warm roof conversion

Cut down on the noise

Glass and polycarbonate roofs are notorious for loud noise seeping in, especially during high winds, rain or thunderstorms. The construction of the tiled conservatory roof minimises noise disruption in the room, allowing for a more comfortable environment.

Increase the value of your home

An uncomfortable room with severe temperature fluctuation is something that potential buyers could see as a problem. Improving the conservatory’s aesthetic and comfort levels with a tiled roof could transform the conservatory from a hindrance to a major positive with a fully functional and pleasant living space. The tiled conservatory roof can be installed quickly, minimising the disruption to your home. Our roofs come with a 10-year guarantee but have an estimated lifespan of up to 40 years.


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