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Methods to Update Your Garden

Use Composite Fencing And four Other Methods to Update Your Garden

Summer may be gone,but you may want to to use your garden to enjoy any leftover sun. After a winter of neglect, though, it may look unwelcoming.

There are plenty of options to bring it back up to speed. Here’s five ways you can update your garden and make it ready for any warm weather (I’ve been told we will get some).

  1. Turn the shed into a summer house

You’ve got a shed at the bottom of the garden that’s housing a few old tools, and is covered in cobwebs. At the moment, all it’s doing is taking up space. You can make it worth keeping though, by turning it into a summer house. All you need to do is clean it out, paint it, and enjoy it! You can place chairs in there for a cosy retreat, or let your children use it as a playhouse. How you use it is very much up to you.


  1. Invest in composite fencing

If your fencing is looking tired, it’s time to invest in composite fencing. This type of fencing is a blend of wood and uPVC, so you’ll have a hardier fence that looks just like a regular one. They come in a variety of colours, so you can pick the right one for you and not have to deal with painting it yourself. These fences can stand up to strong winds and stress, so even if the kids are repeatedly kicking balls into the fence, you have nothing to worry about.

Composite fencing available from Kents Direct – UK delivery

  1. Use a mirror to maximise natural light

Plenty of homeowners have a more compact garden, that doesn’t get as much natural light as they’d like. There is an easy way to remedy this. Use a mirror in a corner of your garden, and boost the light you get. It’ll bounce light around, making your garden much more appealing. You can buy a mirror in any style you like too, meaning that you can have one that suits the style of your garden.


  1. Install an artificial lawn

Are you sick of the garden looking like a jungle every summer? Then an artificial lawn could be the answer. Modern lawns look and feel just like the real thing, but without all the maintenance. You’ll never have to mow or water it, but it’ll stay green all year round. They’re not hard to install yourself either, so you can have an artificial lawn on a budget.

Composite fencing available from Kents Direct – UK delivery

  1. Update your garden furniture

If your garden furniture is looking a bit tired, it’s easy to update it and make it ready for the summer. You can buy colourful new cushions to cheer up an old bench, or use metal paint to update metal furniture such as tables and chairs.

If you’re looking into composite fencing, talk to us at Kents Building Plastics. We have fences in a wide variety of colours and styles, so there’ll be something that’s perfect for your garden.